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Optical Crystal Quartz

Quartz for Optical and Acousto-Optic Applications

Sawyer grows three types of single crystal quartz to cover a wide variety of applications – lasers, scientific and medical instrumentation, telecommunications to name just a few. Birefringence and high transmittance are the crystal properties of primary interest.

Our material is characterized as laser grade or optical grade and by intended crystalline direction of use. LPOF (low pass optical filter) material is designed for components such as rotators and filters where the optical axis (or Z-axis or c-axis) of the crystal is perpendicular to the face of the optic. Waveplate bars (WPB material) are designed for components such as retarders or waveplates where the optical axis (or Z-axis or c-axis) lies in the plane of the optical plate. Optical half sections (OPAG material) are designed for non-laser applications such as prisms or windows where the inclusion density in the material is less critical.

The bulk of our crystalline quartz products are manufactured to custom specifications. Below is a broad description of our product range followed by data sheets detailing the three types of optical quartz.

Our Product Range:
High purity quartz suitable for use in harsh environments
  • Material specially grown for optics used at 193 nm
  • Material swept for radiation-hardness
As grown stones or ground and oriented bar stock
Machined shapes
  • Blocks
  • Cubes
  • Simple Prisms
  • Core-drilled Tubes
X-ray oriented blanks available in a variety of cuts (X-cut, Y-cut, Z-cut, single rotations)
  • Diameters from 12.7 mm up to 150 mm
  • Thicknesses down to 0.5 mm
  • Supplied with or without reference flats
  • Fine ground, lapped or inspection polished surfaces
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