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A myriad of today's markets are impacted by the advanced efficiencies of cultured quartz for high-performance applications from aerospace-to-medical and oil drilling-to-automotive. With over 50 years of world-wide experience, Sawyer Technical Materials LLC delivers advanced cultured quartz solutions designed to meet next-generation sensor, optical, telecommunication and electronic markets head on.

Sawyer delivers batch-to-batch consistency in bulk and surface acoustical wave quartz for multi-market applications: automotive stability and temperature, radio satellites, toxic air sensing, airplane gyroscopes, medical dialysis machines and pace makers, etc. Sawyer addresses each market's unique needs with reliable quality, competitive pricing and value-added service advantages.

Standing up in harsh environments, stable over wide temperature ranges, offering low dislocation for etching & micromachining (MEMS) processes; Sawyer's fully integrated manufacturing processes and facilities maximize the economies of this mature technology and beyond.

Sawyer has also expanded its product profile for optical applications; offering three grades of cultured quartz crystal for a variety of applications from polarizing optics for lasers to waveplates for telecommunications to windows for scientific and medical instruments. The crystal is characterized for homogeneity, inclusion and dislocation content. Products can be supplied in a variety of shapes and sizes from bulk crystal in bar form to cubes, prisms, core-drilled tubes and X-ray oriented blanks.

Additionally, Sawyer recently developed a proprietary hydrothermal quartz growth technique for manufacturing large diameter waveplates (or retardation plates), and other types of polarizing optics, from cultured quartz crystal. The innovative growing process utilizes X-plate seeds (vs. traditional Z-plate seeds) since waveplates are typically X-cut orientations. Sawyer is probably the only company currently growing cultured quartz material large enough to produce 150 mm diameter waveplates.

Tech Briefs  
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