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 For Optical Quartz Applications

Sawyer grows three types of cultured quartz crystal for a wide variety of optical applications – lasers, scientific and medical instrumentation, telecommunications to name just a few.  Birefringence and high transmittance over a range of wavelengths are the crystal properties of primary interest.

The material is characterized as laser grade or optical grade and by intended crystalline direction of use.  LPOF (low pass optical filter) material is designed for components such as rotators and filters where the optical axis (or Z-axis) of the crystal is perpendicular to the face of the optic.  Waveplate bars (WPB material) are designed for components such as retarders or waveplates where the optical axis (or Z-axis) lies in the plane of the optical plate.  Optical half sections are designed for non-laser applications such as prisms and UV windows where inclusion density in the material is less critical.

Product form can take a variety of shapes and sizes from bulk crystal blocks to cubes, prism and core-drilled tubes to X-ray oriented plates.  Waveplate and rotator diameters of up to 150 mm are possible.  Blanks are supplied lapped or inspection polished with or without reference flats.  Please call us with your specific needs.

Lithium tantalate for optical and acousto-optic applications is under development.  Slabs and oriented wafers made to customer specifications are available from Z-cut boules.

Data Sheets  
Quartz for Optical & Laser Applications [112kb]
Inclusion-free quartz for lasers and large diameter waveplates [145kb]
Tech Briefs  
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Alpha Measurements in Quartz [44kb]
General Material Specifications for Cultured Quartz Crystals [43kb]
Reference Documents  
Silica Refractive Index At 18°, In Air at Same Temperature [90kb]
Fundamental Material Constants for Crystalline Quartz [238kb]
Quartz MSDS [72kb]
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