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 For Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW)  Applications

Sawyer Technical Materials offers a wide variety of products for timing, frequency control, and sensor applications.  Product form ranges from as grown crystals to lumbered bars to lapped and polished blanks.  Our cultured quartz material is characterized for alpha, inclusions, and etch channel density in accordance with IEC Standard 758.  Sawyer's product offerings span the full range of IEC grades.

Lumbered bars designed for doubly rotated cuts, low dislocation material for photolithographic processing, and swept quartz for radiation-hard applications are among the specialty items we manufacture.  Much of our production is grown, lumbered, or wafered to custom specifications.  The data sheets below describe standard products we routinely manufacture and stock.  Sawyer is happy to work with you on an engineer-to-engineer basis to design the most cost-effective product for your particular BAW application.



Data Sheets  
Multi-High Lumbered Bars [34kb]
Lumbered D-Bar Cutting Stock for Doubly Rotated Blanks [34kb]
Tech Briefs  
Hydrothermal Growth of Quartz [37kb]
Alpha Measurements in Quartz [44kb]
General Material Specifications for Cultured Quartz Crystals [43kb]
Reference Documents  
Fundamental Material Constants for Crystalline Quartz [238kb]
Quartz MSDS [72kb]


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